Is Anyone Still Out There?

by Mark Sierra on March 9, 2013

It has been way too long since I’ve posted here. Since I felt the urge to rant (see previous post), I thought I’d vent a little and then make another post to see if anyone is still subscribed to my feed?

So in case anyone is out there, you might be wondering where I’ve been. Honestly, I got burned out. I had several irons in the fire, so to speak, and it just got to be a little bit of a challenge to keep up the energy to maintain them all.

It was fun to find that new niche where I could (hopefully) increase my income or write paid reviews on things. But after a while, managing all that with life in general, well, it just got to be too much.

Somewhere deep inside me though is the person who will continue to make those niche sites, but at a much slower pace.

So what does this mean for MeAndMyDrum? Well, I don’t know at the moment. It started out as a place for me to write about things that were sorely lacking in common sense, be they political or social. But then it evolved more into a place for internet marketing, and software, productivity and such. Those all still interest me, I just don’t know if I was too broad in my goals or if I needed to narrow things down a bit and stay focused on one thing.

I don’t know. But while I figure it out, I would love to hear from anyone who happens to receive this who remembered me from way back when (or even new readers!) and tell me how you’re doing.

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Becareful with that Visa gift card you were given. You must might not see your money ever again.

I just got off the phone with about a gift card they handle and I’m not very pleased. Due to their incompetent system, if you return an item to a merchant that is valued higher than what the card is meant to hold ($25 in this case), then your card will be rendered useless. Sounds crazy, yes?

I only found this out when I tried to use the card again. Because there is exactly 98 cents more than the $25 the card was meant to hold, the next time I tried to use it, the card was rejected. Couldn’t figure out why until I called them.

The solution? Go back to the merchant who put the money back on the card in the first place. Well, I tried that and each time they did, it was — you guessed it — rejected!

Seriously, what kind of screwed up system is this?

That was a few weeks ago. I tried again thinking I’d get somebody who would be more helpful. I even asked why they couldn’t just deactivate this card and reissue me another one just for the $25? Here’s how the conversation went:

Operator: the reason your card was rejected sir is because there is $25.98 on the card which exceeds the amount of $25 the card was meant to be used for.

Me: Yes, I know, but couldn’t you just send me another card for just the $25?

Operator: No sir, you’ll have to go back to the merchant and have them take care of that.

Me: But I’ve already done that and the card was rejected each time they tried. They told me to give you guys a call to fix it.

Operator: I’m sorry sir, but we cannot reissue cards or correct the restriction on the card you have. You’ll have to go back to the merchant to have them help you.

Me: So you have my money and you cannot reissue me another card. That’s not a solution I’m happy with. If you can’t make the correction, who can?

Operator: I can escalate the issue for you sir, but they’ll tell you nothing can be done (Me: don’t you just love it when customer service people tell you something like this?)

Me: So escalating this isn’t a solution either.

We went around in circles like this for a little bit. It was like I was speaking to a drone with no care in the world other than to deny me a solution that would work for me.

Seriously, what is this world coming to?

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